A Youth Facilitator Reflects

By: Katlego "Success" Mekgoe

I am Katlego M Mekgoe and I am a facilitator in the IAWA program. I started volunteering at the programme from year 2017 March and I still am.

The program has had a positive impact in my life. The ambassadors and the other facilitators too.  Within the program, I have learned how to be a brother to the ambassadors.  I have learned how to think without limits because of the fun and corporate activities we do.

Success and Ambassadors.JPG

Many of the ambassadors come from disadvantaged or abusive backgrounds.  When they are all at the camps though, you would swear that they have a great second home with Meisha as the mother, us the facilitators as their big bros and sisters, and them as equal siblings.

The camps build love amongst us and teach us how to help others, in order to help ourselves, so that we could all be one.

I am emotionally stronger and it is all because of the ambassadors, their stories, and teachings they give and share every day at the camps.  I am mentally strong with the help of the program's founder who teaches us how to be self-sufficient and that nothing in the world is impossible.  I am spiritually strong as we always pray before and after camps, and in good and in bad times.

I have become a strong individual in all aspects because of this program.  And now my goal is to help others become even stronger.

I love IAWA with all my heart and God is going to bless us more, that I believe!



Katlego "Success" Mooketsi Mekgoe finished his matric at President Mangope Technical High school. He was well known for his humor. He participated in debates and comedy sessions and played basketball. In his matric year, his life changed though when his mother became ill and passed away.  He decided to take a break from his academic studies to take care of his younger sister.  In addition to caring for his sister, Katlego is passionate about Forex trading.  He hopes to return to school to study Marketing or Business Administration.