An Ambassador Looks Back

By: IAWA Ambassador Thembi (Adventurous)

We had been waiting for so long to go to the camp.  The day arrived that we have been all waiting for the 2nd of April 2018. The camp was so great, amazing, and fun.  We got to talk about things that bother us.  We shared our sorrows and after sharing it felt great.  Some of us were not comfortable with sharing our problems, but we still shared and that was the most interesting and awesome thing that happened.  It made me see that we are in a safe environment.


The trust and love grew for each and every one of us.  We started to understand each other better during the last camp.  We also continued doing the market research for our fundraising.  We also chose the people that we will be checking on at least once a week.  The last camp was so phenomenal.  This is the camp that I enjoyed most since I came to the camp.