Just Three Camps Left

IAWA Ambassadors have now finished their 7th Bokgoni Empowerment Camp, we cannot believe they are only 3 camps away from being our first graduating cohort. The Ambassadors put skills previously learned into practice, picking up new gems along the way.

This camp differed from our usual camps, as the Ambassadors created most of the week's schedule. Each fundraising group – talent show, concert, and carwash- developed a list of actions items that needed to be accomplished before the end of camp. Each day the Ambassadors would go out with their assigned facilitator and work on their team assignments and report back to the group on what had been accomplished the next morning.  This was a great way for them to learn accountability and responsibility!

Through their grassroots outreach and fundraising efforts, the Ambassadors assisted Royal Bafokeng Sports/Jr. NBA with their biggest event of the year, the Finals Tournament. This partnership garnered R15,000 towards the Ambassadors trip to Cape Town next October!

Gratitude, thinking outside of the box and fundraising were the main topics addressed during the camp. The Ambassadors would start each day sharing statements of gratitude they’d written from their gratitude jar or reciting the IAWA Mantra. This simple act set the tone for the rest of the day.

Through lessons and energizers, the Ambassadors learned to be limitless and dream without boundaries.  IAWA Ambassadors learned about nonconformity and the importance of maintaining your beliefs despite the beliefs of others. They learned they must trust their own unique abilities even though others may view them as odd or unpopular. There is nothing wrong with approaching situations differently and creating new solutions.

Ambassadors unleashed their creativity and wrote, produced, and began editing their own short film with the assistance of POPPYN Coordinator, Nuala Cabrala. POPPYN (Presenting on Perspective On Philly Youth News) is a Philadelphia based award winning youth produced TV news program. They focus on issues that impact youth while highlighting the positive contributions of youth to their communities.

IAWA Ambassadors decided to use their video to warn youth about the dangers of nyaope. Nyaope is a fatal drug used by teens in their community. Final edits will be made by POPPYN youth in Philadelphia. We are excited about this cross-cultural collaboration. The film will be shown in April 14th at our film showcase!

The week was activity packed from beginning to end. The Ambassadors learned how to make SMART plans, readjust to changing conditions, and find innovative ways to move forward toward their goal of going to Cape Town!