Bokgoni: Setswana

Capacity; Capability; Potential

Our multi-year Bokgoni Empowerment Programme seeks to prepare youth to be self-sufficient adults.  Our interactive curriculum:

  • Goes beyond just academic learning and encourages the development of the whole child—one who is knowledgeable, healthy, motivated, and engaged

  • Creates a support network for youth that includes caring, nurturing adults, peer mentors, advocates, role models, and a cohort of positive peers

  • Enables youth to have a voice and creates a learning culture that is uniquely relevant to them

  • Teaches life skills and work related values

  • Exposes youth to diverse life options, career paths, and postsecondary educational and training opportunities

  • Creates opportunities for youth to assume leadership roles, develop responsibility, self-reliance, and initiative, and acquire marketable skills



How Does it Work?


Our program participants, or ambassadors, begin as a cohort, in 8th grade and stay together until the culmination of the programme in their 11th grade year.  These are the critical years to reach disenfranchised youth and intervene, as they are most at risk of dropping out of school around grade 10.

Working with the ambassadors over the span of four years, allows for significant time for them to grow, develop, and progress individually and communally.  Our flexible curriculum adapts to the needs of each student and each community, rather than the other way around.

In South Africa, the ambassadors attend one week-to-two weeklong camps three times a year, during their school holidays.