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To Cape Town and Beyond

Since our first camp in October 2015, the Ambassadors participated in 10 two-week long holiday camps that “empowered them to confidently own their future.”  They participated in learning excursions that allowed them to discover and explore places such as Pilanesburg National Park, Constitution Hill, Wits University, and the UNISA Science and Technology Center.  

Most recently, they applied all of their learning from the camp to raise over R44 471 ($3,000) to travel to Cape Town

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Just Three Camps Left

This camp differed from our usual camps, as the Ambassadors created most of the week's schedule. Each fundraising group – talent show, concert, and carwash- developed a list of actions items that needed to be accomplished before the end of camp. Each day the Ambassadors would go out with their assigned facilitator and work on their team assignments and report back to the group on what had been accomplished the next morning.  This was a great way for them to learn accountability and responsibility!

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