To Cape Town and Beyond

Since our first camp in October 2015, the Ambassadors participated in 10 two-week long holiday camps that “empowered them to confidently own their future.”  They participated in learning excursions that allowed them to discover and explore places such as Pilanesburg National Park, Constitution Hill, Wits University, and the UNISA Science and Technology Center.  

Most recently, they applied all of their learning from the camp to raise over R44 471 ($3,000) to travel to Cape Town. Cape Town was a pivotal experience for all of the Ambassadors that was full of new experiences, connecting with each other and their history, and challenging themselves to become the best they can be.

The ambassadors expressed excitement over the many “firsts” they experienced in Cape Town, both good and bad.

“I enjoyed being on a flight for the first time and also the boat...I enjoyed being at the beach and having the best day of my life.”

“It was fantastic being at the airport getting to get in a plane for the first time in my life. It was a little bit scary, but when the plane got higher it was comfortable.”


The food in the Indian restaurant…It was nice to actually taste different food and be in an Indian environment.”

But perhaps more poignant than the excitement was the sensation of accomplishment, such as when the ambassadors climbed to the top of Table Mountain.

“We went to Table Mountain for a hike. It was a long journey but I enjoyed it the most. It encouraged us not to give up.”

“I can’t believe we climbed Table Mountain to the top. Getting up there was a bit difficult. I wanted to quit, but where we came from was quite far so I had to keep going. “

Through visiting iconic places in Cape Town--hot spots for many tourists--the Ambassadors felt closer to their own history as South Africans.

“Since I have been in Cape Town I have been so happy because I have seen a lot of things that I have only been seeing on TV most of the time. It’s pretty exciting because I’ve walked on the streets of Cape Town.”

“I have always wanted to see Robben Island in my life. I got the chance to hear from someone who experienced apartheid.”

“I never thought I could make it to Cape Town. I enjoyed each and every moment of being here.”

For some, even being in Cape Town or on a plane was a dream come true. For others, their experiences in Cape Town introduced them to more dreams or solidified those already in place.

“It made my mind clear what I want to do in life and not to give up.”

“There’s a huge difference between Cape Town and the North West. Cape Town is a big beautiful province. I would even love to come and study here in Cape Town.”

“I was really touched about what happened today at Khayelitsha township and I felt so much. I really know that I want to help black people and I really want to do that so much...Out of everything this visit to Khayelitsha township was really important to me...”

This trip was the perfect period for the completion of the pilot program. Not only did the Ambassadors apply their learning in raising the R44 471, but they finished this trip feeling accomplished and ready to face their futures.

“I have learnt that even if you are poor you can make it in life and succeed.”

“I thank God for this journey and I pride myself in knowing that to be on that airplane was my money, and I worked hard for it and everything I have done.”

“Hiking up Table Mountain...was really tough and reminded me of life; when I climbed that mountain, in my mind I made it to be that motivated me to not lose to the mountain, but I will win; metaphorically being my life and obstacles I face.”

And so, as our Ambassadors graduate from their time with IAWA, we are grateful for this trip and their hard work that shows they can do anything!