Documentary Crew Review

By: Omphemetse Motene

As a journalism and media student, I had a great opportunity to work with Mr. James Williams. He has taught me so much and I am eternally grateful for everything he has taught me. Today, I know more about film-making and production.  Before I only had the theoretical part of it, but now I have experience and the practical part. I am grateful for the positive environment that he provided me.

Wow, coming to the final product of watching the documentary that we have worked so much for.  I realized how hard work can build character. You get to learn about discipline and focus. You learn to manage your time and resources. Trust me this is the reason why the documentary became a success.

I have learned and seen how hard work can bring opportunities in your life. That moment when hard work opens doors. Participating in the film festivals made me realize how much potential I have and all thanks to Mr. James. Teachers like him are not easy to find. Thank you for making me improve. I cannot thank you enough.  I am because we are.


What a great pleasure to be given an opportunity to work with I Am We Are Youth, such energetic young people, full of potential and great new ideas. Our future leaders, these young ones are. Definitely, great leaders of tomorrow for they have been good servants. I admire them because as great leaders of tomorrow they were willing to give in as much as they could.

This program is very important to the RBN as it builds our young ones character. Today we have future leaders and I thank Meisha for bringing change into the lives of our young people.  They have learned about respect, discipline, self-knowledge and so forth. With what they have learned today they can stand for themselves because they know who they are.

I know this program has opened their eyes to a new world of responsibilities, they learned skills and even met so many amazing people. So from my side, I want to help young people to start believing in themselves. I want them to know that they can do it no matter what obstacles they may face in life.  Our young people look at their backgrounds and feel as if it’s impossible.  From the Youth Center Desk, we shall continue to bring change into the Royal Bafokeng Schools.


Omphemetse Motene has a Journalism and Media diploma from Damelin. She has worked with Joyous Radio, Westside FM, and Mafisa FM. She is currently a facilitator at Matale Secondary School teaching life skills program through the Bafokeng Youth Centre.

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