MC's View of the Film Festival

By: IAWA Ambassador Tsholofelo

It was a great experience being at the film festival.  We viewed six short films created by POPPYN in perspective of the Philly youth news, Kitsong School, Bafokeng Youth Centre and I Am, We Are. We also viewed a documentary which gave people a better understanding of what I Am, We Are is and why it was started.


It was fun and exciting because all the Ambassadors were very vivacious and we worked together as one family.  I was the MC of the festival that took place at Phokeng Conference Centre together with Ambassador Duvane.  The film festival has taught me a lot. Being able to speak in front of a lot of people, most of them it was the first time that I had seen them, was a big deal.  I was a bit nervous at first, then I remembered all the skills that Ms. Meisha Robinson taught me.

Seeing myself on the big screen has made me realize that everything is possible if you have passion and do things with an open heart. It was very exciting and it encouraged me to never lose hope. Even though there might be obstacles along the way.  Going to the theater was fun and quite nice because most of us never get the chance to go there.  We are really grateful for being able to go there and we really appreciate it.


Presenting our film festival was a success.  There are a lot of people whom I thank for making our film festival a success.  Most of all I would like to thank Ms. Meisha Robinson for being with us every step of the way, guiding us, and showing us the right path to go through.  None of this would be possible without her.


Be sure to check out the films from IAWA's Youth Film Festival:

  • Nyariuana (IAWA): A look into the causes and effects of youth using nyaope.

  • I Have Something to Tell You (Kitsong): A young man struggles to come to terms with his identity. He goes on a rollercoaster of a journey leading to his self-discovery.

  • The Test (Bafokeng Youth Centre): A short film about HIV testing.

  • The Circle (Bafokeng Youth Centre, IAWA, and Poppyn): A Cross-continental conversation between youth in South Africa and the United States of America, dissecting their myths, stereotypes, and perceptions.