IAWA's Going to Cape Town

We are headed to Cape Town October 2018!

At IAWA’s 5th Bokgoni Empowerment Camp, that took place April 3rd – 15th, Ambassadors conducted research to determine where in South Africa they would like to visit and how much it would cost. A budget was created once they completed their research. Their research included lodging, activities, food, and transportation. The Ambassadors will be responsible for raising one-fourth of the funds required to attend the trip or R 38 975 (approximately $3,000). We are asking their parents to contribute one-fourth as well and IAWA will cover the remaining expenses, estimated at R116 925 (approximately $8,000).


At our 6th camp that took place on July 10th – 22nd the Ambassadors learned more about marketing, finance, and operations to effectively plan for their Cape Town trip. The Ambassadors participated in an IAWA version of Shark Tank. They were split into three groups. Each group represented one of their agreed upon fundraising ideas; a talent show, a concert, and a car wash. The Ambassadors used recently acquired marketing, sales, and presentation skill to pitch their ideas to the group at the end of the week. 

 “IAWA’s focus is to take every cohort on a trip as a part of their capstone,“ stated Executive Director, Meisha Robinson. The trip is designed to celebrate their last year in the Bokgoni programme. "Our pilot cohort is currently in their third year and will finish next year at the end of grade 11," she stated. “Through the fundraising process, the ambassadors will learn and apply entrepreneurship principles. They will not only gain valuable experience; they will have earned their trip." Meisha hopes these experiences empower Ambassadors as they plan their futures post-matric.

Our April and July camps have been extended from one week to two weeks. The second week of camp will be dedicated to math tutoring. Math tutoring will now be offered at ever camp.   IAWA is partnering with the Royal Bafokeng Institute (RBI) to conduct the maths tutoring program. Dave Ryan, who is leading this initiative, has already jumped in with both feet.  Outside of the camps, he even virtually assists the Ambassadors with their math homework. Ambassadors send photos of a troublesome problems and Dave sends back step by step examples on how to solve it.