An Original Poem from An IAWA Ambassador

IAWA Ambassador Motlalepule is 16-years-old and in the 10th grader. She loves to read and write.  It is her dream to inspire the world with her words.  Watch her recite an original poem that she shared with her fellow ambassadors. (the words are below so you can follow along).

A Poem of Motivation and Encouragement
by IAWA Ambassador Motlalepule (Betty)

"Don’t let people compromise you.

Be who you are, be a motivator leader for yourself.

I am a leader I don’t let people change me. I don’t live low.

Take time to change, you don’t belong where you are now.

My question is how long will it take for you to change or make a decision?

Be who you are created to be.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Make a new life by being the person you are created to be.

Prove them wrong.

All I can say is get up, be a leader of yourself, don’t get to slow to stand for yourself."