Why Cape Town?

By: IAWA Ambassador Betty

Hi my name is Betty from I Am, We Are and I am kind. We as IAWA Ambassadors are excited to go to Cape Town because for some of us it will be our first time going to Cape Town. As for me, it’s not a valid reason.  A good reason is it’s been three years as one family. Through hard or good we stand as one unit, and this year is our last year as we all know. We are all going to go different directions. We want to create memories that we will always remember and enjoy ourselves in Cape Town. It’s great to experience places you have never known, as we enjoy we will learn. I want to see Table Mountain and stand on top of it. I also want to go to the beach while we are in Cape Town

The Ambassadors are conducting fundraisers to travel to Cape Town October 2018.  They are  ~R100 000 or $8,000 from their goal.  You can support them by donating to IAWA.  Be sure to label your donation Ambassador's Fundraiser.