Jelani Girls Collaboration


Jelani Girls Inc. is an American nonprofit helping young woman re-imagine what it means to be GREAT. Through cultural enrichment programs and international youth service projects Jelani Girls (JG) empowers young women to achieve greatness.
JG brought 7 girls, from across the US, to IAWA's July camp.  JG and IAWA went on a game drive in Pilanesburg and motivated youth at a home for Orphans and Vulnerable Children for Mandela’s Birthday ensemble.  The JG girls partnered with an IAWA Ambassador to explore their community.  JG also sponsored some of IAWA's ambassadors to tour Soweto and the Apartheid Museum with their JG partners.  IAWA's Ambassadors were selected based on an essay they wrote on the impact they want to have on the world.


Thank you to Jelani Girls for helping us to create this impactful experience and for sponsoring our girls to join you in Johannesburg.

 In July, IAWA also entered into a new partnership with World of Money! Thanks to World of Money (WOM), financial literacy education will now be included in our curriculum. WOM is a New York based non-profit organization whose mission is to empower youth with an immersive classroom and mobile education in personal finance capability.  Ambassadors can access WOM's app on IAWA's tablets or their own smartphones.