Meet Ambassador Tshwetso

My name is Tshwetso and I am passionate, loyal, and caring. I live in the Northwest province of South Africa, in a village called Chaneng. I like to play soccer and I am an IAWA Guest Ambassador for the Career Symposium. The IAWA youth program helped me with career information to make sure I choose the right career for me.  I like IAWA because it helped me through thick and thin during my first week. I wanted to be a lawyer but I was not sure until I met Meisha Robinson. Meisha guides us so we don’t lose focus on what we want in the future and also that we must leave a legacy behind for our children.  I learned that if you have passion, love, kindness, and happiness in what you want then no one can stop you to do what is right. With all my heart I would like to say thank you to I Am, We Are Youth campaign.

IAWA Guest Ambassador Tshwetso