Second Year of Bokgoni Empowerment Programme

Bokgoni Empowerment Camps

Next month we will start our second year of the Bokgoni Youth Empowerment Programme Camps. We cannot believe it has already been a year since our inaugural camp last October. Our Ambassadors have grown so much and we are ecstatic to share their progress with you. Be sure to check out our social media pages for updates during the camp. Camp will take place October 1st-8th, 2016. IAWA is grateful to welcome the return of our curriculum development volunteer, Tyrice McCoy and our communications volunteer Mi’Lisa Patton.

Tyrice is returning for her third camp and Mi’Lisa is returning for her second camp. “I am so excited to return to South Africa and see how much the Ambassadors have grown over the course of the past year,” Mi’Lisa stated.  “Working with this group of inspirational youth has blessed my soul in a way I’ve never previously experienced.” “I’m so dedicated to what I Am, We Are is, and has become, because of the vision, the children, and the vast possibilities. I will keep coming back to be a part of this wonderful organization for as long as I am able,” cited Tyrice.  Founder and Executive Director, Meisha Robinson is elated to have these two volunteers return to kickoff year two. Meisha declared, “It is because of the dedication and scarifies of our volunteers that IAWA will be hosting its 4th Bokgoni Empowerment Camp in the coming weeks. Thank you for returning and I look forward to working with you ladies again as we continue the mission of IAWA.”