I Am, We Are (IAWA) is focused on helping youth from disenfranchised and marginalized communities recognize and capitalize on their innate abilities.  Youth in these communities often face struggles, such as poverty, abuse, and crime, that can intensify feelings of powerlessness and apathy. IAWA aims to increase the self-efficacy of youth in order to build a strong defense against negative societal influences.

Our multi-year program serves students between the ages of 13-18. At this age, young people begin to think deeply about who they are and what they desire, they also often take on more responsibilities at the personal, familial, and societal level. We, therefore, believe IAWA can have optimal sustainable impact within this age group.

We work with our program participants over the span of four years, which allows for significant time for youth to grow, develop, and progress individually and communally.  IAWA’s flexible curriculum adapts to the needs of each student and each community, rather than the other way around. We therefore welcome and encourage participation from various schools and communities. Thus far, we have initiated programs in Ghana, South Africa, and the United States of America.