I Am, We Are (IAWA) is a registered non-profit organization in the United States of America (EIN #47-4382487) and the Republic of South Africa (NPC 2016/412074/08). IAWA was established in 2015 to empower youth globally with the fortitude and knowledge necessary to actively build a self-envisioned future.  


I Am, We Are (IAWA) is dedicated to creating a world where all youth are socially engaged, globally aware, and economically free. We strive to give youth an understanding of self and the global community so that they may know their place in the world. We equip them with knowledge and skills to create the world they imagine.  


We believe the future belongs to those who can consciously take ownership of their learning, using it to affect the world around them. Furthermore, our core value is the South African philosophy of Ubuntu, or “I am because we are”.  Based on these principles, IAWA’s interactive curriculum focuses on:

  • Personal Consciousness: using self-reflection and discovery to foster an awareness of one’s inner-self
  • Global Awareness: creating a classroom without borders to cultivate cross-cultural competency, promote intercultural awareness, and prepare youth for the global market
  • Entrepreneurship: instilling an entrepreneurial spirit to empower youth to own their economic success through real-world application of business management and marketing principles
  • Social Responsibility: building a sense of civic duty, while developing leadership skills and a spirit of volunteerism through community action projects